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Originally Posted by jts1981 View Post
I picked up an Z4is because IMO 335hp with engine, tranny, suspension tuning (and I think additional oil coolers) under warranty is better than a Z4 35i with a chip w/o warranty.
I understand your point about warranty, but I think the 35is is tuned in a different way than you think!

Tranny tuning? Are you sure? I think the most important question is: Is your 35is able to hold revs without upshifting automatically in M-mode? I assume not? I think this feature is only available with M dct cars?

Suspension tuning? Isnt it just that they offer beautiful 19" wheels with less grip and less comfort than the 18"? Or maybe the tuning mentioned is specific to the adaptive suspension?

Additional oil coolers? My 35i already has the aux oil cooler! I would imagine the 1M has better cooling, but the 35is?

I do believe the 35is has a tuned steering (different filter characteristics) to let more feedback/vibrations pass though! And if we forget about the warranty discussion, in my book this is the biggest possible technical advantage of the 35is vs a tuned 35i.