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Originally Posted by morfinx View Post
You call that a little compressor? Mine is 2.5 gal 2.35cfm@90psi :P You didn't primer it at all? How did you clean the spray gun between base coat and clear coat?
I used the reducer but you can use any paint cleaner such as thinner that does not leave a residue. Residue is what kills the gun. No primer used because it was aluminum. but you can if you want. you can pick up a primer at your local auto parts store. if the antenna has any imperfections then you will want to make sure you use an etching primer that sprays thick. that will cover any minor scratches. if you are worried about the volume of air then an air gun will work. Harbor frieght has those too. it will just take you longer. use a tip that has more of a fan than a point. (i am talking about the spray it emits)