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Originally Posted by morfinx View Post
rking, you never answered my earlier question What did you use to paint the stubby antenna? Did you use a HVLP paint gun or an air brush? What kind of compressor are you running?
Oh sorry i missed that. I used a gravity fed air gun picked it up from harbor freight for like $15 and just a touch of touch up paint i got from Dr Color Chip i think. I just used high quality automotive painting tape to mask off the carbon fiber and used the mounting screw and a clothes line clip to hang it upside down from a wire in my garage to paint. my compressor is little you only need about 20 psi max i think is what i had it set on. I then used a clear to go over it to give it a clear coat and that was it. The base coat of paint took like 2 minutes. Then repeated that 2 times after drying between each coat to make sure the paint was even. I think i put like two or three coats (very light) of clear. let it dry over night then untapped it and screwed it on. voila. if you are trying to match the paint perfectly then you might have to play with the angle of the antenna while you spray it. make sure you ruff up the area you want to paint first though. I used 800 grit sand paper and then wiped it clean with reducer. didnt have any other solvents. I am not a painter really but i have friends that are so i have picked up a couple tricks here and there. For the little area and the shape of the antenna it wont need to be perfect. mine isnt a perfect match because i sprayed it upside down so the metallic flake layed in a different direction but that isnt noticable unless you get so close i would smack for touching my car. lol Literally you have to be like inches away to see it.

here is the exact model i used.

My air compressor isnt that big. it is a 12 gal generic compressor but is similar to this one

and no i didnt buy mine at walmart. I bought it a kmart. hahaha

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