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Originally Posted by rking117 View Post
I had an E85 and i think the handling was a bit better than the E89. It just doesn't seem to have the same grip that the E85 had. It might be that the E89 has more torque and if i am not mistaken a bit more weight than the E85 but there is clearly a difference. Mine seems to want to push through a corner at hgh speeds until I pitch the nose right or left to almost make it drift. I see a clear difference in handling then but i didnt have to do that with the E85.

Overall though I still love the Z and it is a tight little car.
exactly how i felt even with the same exact tires, the e89 is a lot more tail happy. the power is there but cornering isnt the same. it makes me dont want to push it as hard through the corners as my z4mc.