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Originally Posted by jparnes1 View Post
Alpine HID angel eyes
stubby antenna
BMW Pedals pedal covers
Michelin SPS non-runflats
Oh yes, forgot to mention I did the stubby antenna as well! Stock antenna suck! Also, I think you mean Michelin PSS

Originally Posted by Eltee View Post
Did you use the leather touch up on your seat bolster? And if so what did you buy? Mine is scuffed just like the last 3 Zs I've had.
Yes, bolster is pretty much always the first thing to get worn on any car. I used Gliptone Scuffmaster. I had a Coral Red kit that was left over from my 335i so I figured it'd be OK to use on the Z4. Turns out the Coral Red in my Z4 is not the exact shade as my 335i. It worked ok for most tiny spots, but for a bigger 1/4" x 3/8" spot, I could not get the shade the match exact no matter how many times I tried. I get really OCD about these kinds of things, so I eventually took it to an upholstery shop that handles the local Benz dealerships' leather repairs and had them custom match the color and redye the spot. Costed $65 but I got a bottle of custom matched leather dye out of it You can also get Gliptone to color match your leather but you'd have to send them a small swatch of your leather and then there's the time it takes (they are in UK).
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