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Originally Posted by Hoa View Post
It doesn't handle as well as my previous z4mc
Let us not compare cars with all-year low-profile run-flats to cars with track-ready sports tires...

In fact, the handling of the Z4MC is probably only better until it starts raining/snowing. Or until you get a flat tire. But more importantly, over-steer is easier and more fun with less grippy tires!

With similar tires I am also quiet confident the new Z4 is more comfortable than the old Z4 don't you think?

If a car is more comfortable and fun, how can it have worse handling? Everyone also says the Boxter has the best handling in its class. But even if its better, is it more fun? The Z4 is easier to over-steer. It has more torque, less grip and is front-engined. I don't think I would dare to drive a center-engined car the way I drive my Z4. To me this means better handling, because what matters to me is fun, not lap times.