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Originally Posted by laz4
Originally Posted by Atebit
Originally Posted by robertrichhart
SmartTop is the best add-on I've found for the Z4, I absolutely love it! Can't imagine going back to no remote for the top...


Only downside for me is I wish the non-CA remote had a little more range. Raising the top while walking away is no problem, but I wish I could start lowering it from farther away.

Agreed that the one-touch features alone are worth the price of admission, though.
It's not just the non CAremote that has this problem. Even with CA you have to be within 6ft of the car. The e85 was not like this. Very annoying.
My remote works a lot further than 6 feet away. Personally, I would purchase the module again. It's simple to install, simple to program with a laptop (no, I don't care to sit in the vehicle and try to cycle thru the modes using the turn signals, etc....). Folding the mirrors, etc... are bonus features....