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Originally Posted by stickshifter69 View Post
Very nice! Looks similar to LUX brightness for a lot less.
Having owned both, I think LUX might be a little bit brighter, but you'd be hard pressed to tell unless you put them side by side. It's a good deal for 1/3 the price.

However, I should note one feature that LUX has and no one else (that I know of) has is that you can put the control unit inside the headlight enclosure for LUX, where as for all other brands, the control unit has to sit outside. This means the headlight enclosure is no longer technically waterproof (due to the wires leading in and out of it), and the control units are also more susceptible to moisture (even though that's highly unlikely to get wet due to its location in the engine bay). To protect against this potential issue, no matter how unlikely, I weatherproofed all connections outside of the headlight enclosure with cold shrink wrap.

(I was saving these pics for a DIY post, but I guess I'll use them here )
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