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LED Angel Eyes Upgrade (UK)

Ok so my CREE LED H8's arrived today. Not being able to contain myself until it was daylight, in they went...

The photo results are not as different as OEM to LED as I have already been running (and were fitted in these photos) the MTEC Cosmos White Halogen H8's...

Here's the kit, it cost me 59.99 from HorizonLEDs on eBay.

Here's the old MTEC H8's coming out...

Here on the right is the MTEC H8 bulb, this is significantly whiter than OEM already but looks yellow in comparison to the LED... on the left is the new CREE 20w LED...

The final look.. (and this is WITHOUT the Xenons on!!)

Overall they're definitely brighter, and very white even compared with the MTECs, its hard to tell in the photos. They still fade in and out when the car is unlocked/locked and they don't dim when the Xenons come on, so while on OEM and MTEC the angel eyes nearly disappear when the Xenons are on, you can see the CREE LEDs plainly with the Xenons on or off.

Overall for 59.99 I'm happy. I don't think they're as bright as the latest BMW OEM LEDs but I figure that the plastic halos have also been improved to provide better diffraction than the ones on the e89. Looks good to me tho.. Time will tell on longevity but they come with a 2 yr warranty (provided the seller is around that long!)
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