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Hello everybody. This is my first post on the site, so I thought I would introduce myself. I am a former enlisted Marine sniper, and current military intelligence officer in the US Army with the rank of Major. I have around 18 years of service, and, I think, 11 combat tours. I'd have to pull out my uniform and look at my service stripes. Anyway, I am currently stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas and just recently returned from another visit to the lovely Middle East, specifically Jordan.

Anyway, over the years I have owned 3 XKRs, an SLK AMG, a GTR and a corvette. I wasn't a big fan of the previous model Z4, but I really liked the new ones. I was shopping for one and found a 2013 SDrive 28i model at the BMW dealership here in El Paso. It was the color I wanted (Metallic silver) and although it didn't have the red interior I was looking for, I was won over by the canyon brown which I didn't think I would like, but actually looks pretty terrific in person, especially with the matching dash. It has the navigation system, premium and sport packages, and some other cool features. I was able to talk them down a few grand from the $57,000 asking price, then get another $4000 for being a member of USAA, as well as a $1000 military appreciation bonus. I got the full KBB value for my trade-in which was paid off, as well as $2500 back for the remainder of the extended warranty, so it was actually more cost beneficial to get a brand new Z4 with 21 miles on it than a new one. Has the full 4 year 50,000 bumper to bumper warranty. Anyway, I took a through and through on my right elbow and had surgery on the joint. It's fine but shifting is no longer really enjoyable, so this car has the dual clutch, manumatic/flappy paddle/regular drive mode thingie. Still great fun to drive and I honestly think that it is one of the best looking cars on the road today. Kind of reminds me of an old E-Type.

Anyway, I also have a custom chopper I built, a heavily modified Harley Davidson, and a clone/tribute whatever you want to call it of a 1969 Yenko Super Camaro that I have owned since I was 16. Or almost 25 years. Anyway, I will try to take some pictures this weekend and post them, as I am leaving to go train the Air Force OSI on Monday and will be gone for 10 or so days.

So this is my first "Ultimate Driving Machine" unless you count the 1965 GTO I still have but will not get from my daddy until his death. If you don't believe me, go to youtube and type in "GTO ultimate driving machine" and see how BMW stole that line from Pontiac. So far I love the car and can't wait to go hit the Transmountain Highway to New Mexico this weekend. I look forward to learning about my new Bimmer and all of the cool things I can do to it.
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