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Originally Posted by ManiacGT View Post
Yep, glad you got it sorted... do you still get the whine that you mentioned? I've not heard it in mine since so I've no idea why it did it previously.

I am now back to the OEM tune, and there is still a whine, but again only when the car is warm. The pattern is different from before, but whether it is related to ESS, the DCT or something completely else I do not know yet. This near inaudible whine now peaks at around 1600 rpm, but disappears at higher and lower revs.

I have studied videos of "tired" N54 turbos such as this

But even the sound of my "whine" is similar, I have found it is strictly related to rpm, and not related to load like yours. Mine is present even in N if I go to 1600rpm. Actually it does not get any louder while accelerating.

And since the turbo rpm does not follow engine rpm, it might be something else...

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