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We just pulled the stock RFTs off and put our blizzak 18" LM60s on. 3 season on them and tons of tread left. One had a torn bead, so I had to replace it with a new one (rear left). Set the tire pressure to 46 rear and 39 front (as listed on the door jam) and went for a drive. Squirrely as heck. dropped the tire pressure down 5# each and went for a drive. Hit the throttle and the car pulls left. I released the wheel and she tracked properly, hit the gas a bit and she flicked the blinker on for herself and tried to change lanes left. Let off the gas and she drifted to the right.

The car absolutely did not do this a week ago on the stock RFTs. I might try to put the 19's from my 335 on there and see how they do (Hankook Evos).
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