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Originally Posted by Pacemaker1000 View Post
couple of questions guys as i want to change tyres for comfort. i have 19" rims with standard suspension and although i dont find it too crashy over bumps i do find the ride jittery even on smooth surfaces
will this cure the problem?
is it worth it on 19" rims? there isn't much side-wall to give anyway especially when you factor in the high pressures.
may have a chance to downsize to 18's to someone wanting the better looking wheels

i assume the rims are the same for rft's or not so adding some foam and a pump to the car shouldn't effect anything???

no real difference in cost here in 18's or 19's about 630 fitted ($1000)

ps we have 17" rft's on our 3 m-sport and don't mind it so much
pps what are the correct tyre sizes for 18's?
Had 18" PSS on my 335i. The ride was a lot less harsh than the stock RFTs. You can replace RFTs with regular tires and reuse the same rims.

The 18" sizes are 225/40 front and 255/35 rear.