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Originally Posted by Asbjørn View Post
I think it depends whether the cars are imported or produced inside mainland China. The sedan four and six-cylinder 3 and 5-series are all produced locally. They are less expensive than the Z4s which are imported with most options pre-selected by BMW. Here are the list prices.

100 RMB = 16.0398 US dollars

sDrive20i RMB 578,000
sDrive28i RMB 669,000
sDrive35i RMB 788,000
sDrive35is RMB 906,000

I once did a comparison of BMW list prices with the 1-series M coupe across different countries of interest to me. I think they are 2011 prices:

Singapore: 1.494.000 RMB
Denmark: 1.155.000 RMB
China: 598.000 RMB
Germany: 450.000 RMB
USA: 297.000 RMB

So that is life. A used 09 Z4 is worth the same here in China as a new 13 Z4 + the airplane ticket, some gas and mods in the US...
Wow, harsh prices. Go USA? Lol