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Originally Posted by jimi900 View Post
I was aware of the overheating issues of the Z but I thought BMW had changed/fixed the problem with the 35is but adding a oil cooler? I was keeping an eye on the oil temp while I was driving and to be honest the temp never real rose over 250ish which I wouldn’t think was too hot, but who know.
It really is amazing how much the computer is evolved in the Z.
Jim, ~250F looks to be the normal operating temperature of the car (I thought I read elsewhere on this forum that the oil cooler thermostat opens at 245F)

The 35i and 35is do have an oil cooler these days but it doesn't fully resolve the issue.

My car got up to 280F over the weekend in 50F ambient temperatures and there was some noticeable power reduction (as expected per the post I quoted earlier)