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So you are saying, to reproduce this, I would just have to get in my car, put the key in (or just put in a DVD?), turn on a DVD movie, then start the engine? And the climate controls wont work for a few hours? Did you have the key in when you started the movie?

BTW, if your engine is warm, you should be able to turn on the heater even if the engine is off. Just press the "increase fan speed" button. This is a useful feature if you like to use you car as a mobile cinema...
Little known facts about BMW: 1) The N54 is still in production and used in the current Z4 35i and 35is. 2) In a Z4 you can get sport+ steering combined with normal suspension etc by selecting DSC=off. (Update: DSC=off also offers sports steering in the M135i) 3) All Z4s with 19" wheels are still only offered with the worst performing OEM tires ever sold with a DCT equipped BMW (Potenza RE 050 RFT).