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Originally Posted by Land_Shark View Post
I contact BMW AG and BMW HK to clarify the combo versus the MULF. Basically, they are not the same. The combox is for added Internet and connecteddrive modules. The MULF is for audio and Telephone modules only.
I think they're misrepresenting it? Heres the way I understood it from the forums. Probably some mistakes in here, but I'm 99% confident on this. The Combox is a newer version of the MULF2 (redesigned), and is fitted instead of the MULF to all cars after September 2010 as I understand it. The Combox comes in two variants, 'Combox Media' and 'Combox Telematiks'. The Combox Media seems to be the equiv of a MULF2, and the Combox Telematiks seems the equiv of a MULF2+TCU. With some new features thrown in just for the Combox (such as A2DP audio streaming for Bluetooth devices).

If you buy the combox, you will need to have your iDrive (I don't know if that is true for Non-iDrive) updated. BMW HK confirmed that there is no update for the iDrive and that the connectdrive will only work in Germany and the US. They advised that they will soon have the connectdrive for non iDrive but not for the Z4.
Not sure I understand this. Besides, I've already established that BMW HK unfortunately couldn't tell their ass from their elbow :-( They told me the BMW Station wouldn't work in Hong Kong (wrong, just the Nav part doesn't work). They told me BT couldn't be retrofitted, etc, etc.

I emailed bimmertech Nav and they confirmed if I want the Internet (Combox) I need to have my iDrive updated and they cannot do this remotely. Hence why BMW is offering both the combox and the URL thing...
Is that what you have as well??
What they're saying I believe is that the CIC (iDrive) will need to be coded to work with the Combox. That makes sense. Any coding / programming can be done with ICOM. I figured that the CIC coding required could be done with a K+DCAN cable too (i.e. remotely) but maybe not. I suspect you need the FSC codes to activate a couple of features. Let me research iDrive configurations a bit more - I don't have one myself. My plan is to retrofit CIC/iDrive etc after BT though if things go well and I get coding & programming down - so, this is worthwhile me researching.

I think it will become more clear once I get the ICOM head too and I can test coding/programming on my car.

Let me also ping one of the techs from the E90 forums and see if they would check out this thread to help.