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Originally Posted by Pacemaker1000 View Post
Thanks that's great
You're welcome

Originally Posted by Pacemaker1000 View Post
Do you think it is just the cars software that needs changing s it plays sound through the speakers and not the actual Garmin?
In other words now its done can you add any Garmin unit off the shelf?
I already tried this with a friend's original Garmin 715 (=765 without TMC) device in my BMW cradle, but unfortunately that didn't work out. Power supply through the BMW cradle was OK, but, apparently, there are additional modifications in the BMW labeled devices' software allowing for an output through the speakers (pretty sure that BMW wants to earn some money this way instead of losing it to Garmin). However, I can't tell if the newer devices have the same issue or the same cradle.

Maybe there is another option: As soon as the car and your radio are coded for usage with the BMW navigation portable plus/pro/HD traffic, the signals on the referring cables of the cradle should be transferred between radio and navigation device - in particular "Signal Mute" and "NF GND" / "NF R" for the navigation commands. So if you find any navigation device on the market that has its own cradle and is capable to generate such signals, you might perhaps install BMW's cradle, have some dealership code car and radio for use with this cradle and change that cradle for your new device's own cradle.

Please find attached an excerpt of the installation guide for the BMW E90 series (sorry again only in German). You will find the connection scheme that should allow to attach any other navigation device to the cables that accepts a 12V power supply (signal "31" = Ground, signal "15" = ignition 12V+), that has a signal output for the speakers ("NF GND", "NF R") and an output for a "mute" signal.

BTW: Tomtom's HD Traffic (= go live 1015) appears to be quite rubbish, so I will probably stick to my old 2nd gen Garmin navigation plus...

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