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Wink from Page 112 of Owner's Manual for '11 35i

Breaking-in period
General information

Moving parts need to be broken in to adjust to
each other.
The following instructions will help achieve a
long vehicle life and good economy.
Engine and differential
Always obey the official speed limits.
Up to approx. 1,200 miles/2,000 km
Drive at varying engine and road speeds but do
not exceed:
▷ 4,500 rpm or 100 mph/160 km/h.
Do not drive with full-throttle operation, and do
not use the transmission's kickdown mode or
Launch Control.

From 1,200 miles/2,000 km
The engine and vehicle speed can gradually be

Due to technical factors associated with their
manufacture, tires do not achieve their full traction
potential until after an initial breaking-in period.
Drive conservatively for the first 200 miles/
300 km.

Brake system
Brakes require an initial break-in period of approx.
300 miles/500 km to achieve optimized
contact and wear patterns between brake pads
and rotors. Drive cautiously during this break-in

The clutch requires an initial break-in period of
approx. 300 miles/500 km to function at an optimal
During this break-in period, engage the clutch

Following part replacement
The same breaking in procedures should be observed
if any of the components mentioned
above have to be renewed in the course of the
vehicle's operating life.