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Originally Posted by AsiaKid View Post
if you have an IS, stage 1 is essentially the same figures as IS. you need to tune it to stage II (or IS' stage I) for you to get any feel from it. The software you purchased allows you to choose either stage 1 or 2 (i think, i ordered it but didnt install it yet). But because our 35is comes with BMW's own stage 1, you need to use ESS" stage 2 (which is a stage 1 tune for the 35is) - does that make sense?

Btw, to the others reading it. Do you need any upgrades to handle the stage 2? Or can it run witth everything else stock?
I've emailed ESS to get a definitive answer, and will report back once they get me some answers.

From what I can tell after driving them side-by-side, I don't feel any difference between stock+ESS(stage1) vs. stock for the 35is DCT.

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