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Originally Posted by flpnout View Post
Previously I had a 2008 Z4 M Roadster. I was hoping BMW would have produced an E89 Z4 M. Since they did not, I simply wanted to enhanced the ride quality of this car for my taste. After adding the the coilovers and ditching the RFTs, the handling has been enhanced in comparison to a Z4 M.

M3 and Z4 have different personalities. I love both cars. If I had to downsize to one, it would be hard decision. If I was going up a steep canyon road on the Z4, I could leave it in 3rd and still climb at a spirited pace. As for the M3, I would have to drop down to 2nd to gain speed up the incline.

Why did you switch from the M3 to the Z4? Would like to see it from your point of view?
First of all, thanks for the fast reply .
For what concern the switch from the M3 E92 and the Z4 E89 35i it was a difficult decision. The lease period of the M3 was ending and I never buy back a car. Due to the kind of work i have (tax issues) i need to start every time a new leasing on a brand new car… and so on.
And…. at the end of 2011 I preferred to avoid going for another M3 E92 since the F30 was coming. Essentially that’s it. My wife has an X6 35i so…. 3 BMW cars were too much for our family budget and boxes too.
The M3 was a great love. Mine was a DKG. After….. 30 minutes I was driving around I felt her fitting me like a glow. The steering, the handling, the incredible DKG, the fantastic intake sound of the V8 coming from the left vent on the hood (you know what I mean)… WOW 2 years of emotions and permagrin. The best and funniest car I owned, better than the other 2 sport cars (or GT) i have had: a Cayman S PDK and a Carrera 4S PDK. Better than those 2 monsters, believe me or not (my Porsche dealer hate me for this! )
Now I’m in love with the Zed. It is a completely different car with respect to the M3: gorgeous and exotic, open roof, GREEEEEEAAAAAAT torque (JB4 and DPs) and so on… I have to say that in daily driving is even nicer to drive than the M3.
But when I organize with my friends to go to the track (4 – 6 times / year) or when a good, tortuous, country road appears in my way.... I miss the M3, FOR SURE.
I never felt the Z4 like a sport car. Simply I suffer (hate? ) the way it comes out of the corners and I cannot push her as I want. With the M3 i was able to desconnect all the aids, push hard, perfectly knowing her reactions.... with the Zed I’m not.
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