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Originally Posted by HerrK View Post
Well for starters your confusing DSC with DTC. DTC is a subset of DSC. You have to minimize the DSC which activates the DTC. Sport and Sport+ have different levels of combined DSC and DTC control active. Sport+ = DCS minimized (not full off) & DTC full on.

DSC does activate various brake calipers individually to help keep the vehicle under control based on feedback from the pitch/yaw sensors and individual wheel speed rotation input sensors. In addition throttle/engine control is activated. DSC is not just controlling rear brakes. So I would not expect this abnormal rear brake wear as described

Maybe if you drive aroung full bore every minute with the car in "sport+" mode you will experience abnormal rear brake wear. I don't get that impression of driving style from the OP's statements, but you know what happens when you ASS-U-ME.

Study this document, I'll post some quiz questions tomorrow (just kidding). Good reading on EMF and other controls

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Herrk! It is great when someone rises to the bait, clearly well informed, you have made me smile!!! however whilst all of those electronic controls are used to manage the vehicle traction they still use the rear brake pads to a greater extent to control rear wheel traction, given we also have rear wheel drive!!
What I truly do not like is the mode of use of the electronic parking brake, it is a neat feature ie pull a switch, but I do not believe that this is the way forward as in the past I did have a car where the brakes failed and the only way to stop the car was to pull on the handbrake!!! Plus no more handbrake turns.......