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Originally Posted by raven333 View Post
HerrK it would be good if you could advise us on how traction control works??? given that you have said traction control is a rubbish explanation for the wear of rear brake pads!!!!
Well for starters your confusing DSC with DTC. DTC is a subset of DSC. You have to minimize the DSC which activates the DTC. Sport and Sport+ have different levels of combined DSC and DTC control active. Sport+ = DCS minimized (not full off) & DTC full on.

DSC does activate various brake calipers individually to help keep the vehicle under control based on feedback from the pitch/yaw sensors and individual wheel speed rotation input sensors. In addition throttle/engine control is activated. DSC is not just controlling rear brakes. So I would not expect this abnormal rear brake wear as described

Maybe if you drive aroung full bore every minute with the car in "sport+" mode you will experience abnormal rear brake wear. I don't get that impression of driving style from the OP's statements, but you know what happens when you ASS-U-ME.

Study this document, I'll post some quiz questions tomorrow (just kidding). Good reading on EMF and other controls

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