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Originally Posted by daninsyd View Post
This may be why my car keeps popping into Neutral, i have proceed! In stock mode no issues, in map 2 it has trouble selecting the right gear at the right time IMO and pops out of D!
No such issue with my DCT running ESS stg 1/2... Just saying! Sorry if slightly off-topic!

And regarding the request for different DCT maps, I am actually happy with how mine shifts well before 7000rpm in S mode. Only in M mode does it pull all the way to 7k, and if not I would have been a bit dissappointed! I can shift earlier if I want to, but if no M-mode, how could I ever try 7000rpm? One complaint however is that I have experienced 3 times now that it shifted from 1st to 3rd while in S-mode due to a bit of wheelspin (also without ESS)...