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Originally Posted by Roman@ESS
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I looked at JB4 closely and was going to go that direction... until someone else noted that you have to remove the thing before going in to the dealer for scheduled service. Even if you don't the visible signs of "tampering" with the ECU enclosure can be visible. Also, with jumpers & harnesses etc, there is more of a chance of failure and even the bending or breaking of OEM components on the install and removal.

Ultimately it was the ease of use with the ESS unit that sold me. They have a very good reputation too.
Also very different products.

One is designed to "trick" the ECU and the other remaps the original factory ECU software. Remapping the original factory software takes more knowledge, is more sophisticated and has a higher degree of difficulty then adding a plug in harness to the signal. We feel it is best that the vehicles built in adaptation and safety control systems always know what is going on, especially when turning up boost. This allows the ECU to make corrections on the fly when needed depending on conditions and allows for issue free ownership. You can also do more to change the way a vehicle performs and drives when you have 100% control over the entire operating system.
How is the launch control effected ? Can I still use it ? Is it faster? With the increase of power does the temperature increase ?