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Originally Posted by bmwZ View Post
Hi Asbjørn!
The wheels are only produced in 20" by Breyton. They are 8,5" and 10" with ET35 front and rear. No spacers needed. They rubbed a little againts the rear plastic inner fenders, so I had to cut away some plastic to sort that out A nice thing is also that they are Tüv approved with papers for E89 Z4
I have 245/30-20 and 285/25-20 Falken FK453 fitted(Falkens new tire) and really happy with them.

Have you seen and felt the nice thick nappa steering wheel before? It`s a big approvement over the standard steering wheel. But as you say the standard one is also nice

Heres a picture of my two steeringwheels:
Thanks alot for the info on the wheels and tires. They really fit your z4 perfectly! Im sure you also enjoy the Falken over the std rft tires.

Im not ready to go all the way up to 20", but that is mainly because the roads here in China are a bit unpredictable!
Little known facts about BMW: 1) The N54 is still in production and used in the current Z4 35i and 35is. 2) In a Z4 you can get sport+ steering combined with normal suspension etc by selecting DSC=off. (Update: DSC=off also offers sports steering in the M135i) 3) All Z4s with 19" wheels are still only offered with the worst performing OEM tires ever sold with a DCT equipped BMW (Potenza RE 050 RFT).