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Originally Posted by SpeedDemon7 View Post
I wish there was some tuning capability to it. I was really having a hard time at the drag strip. Since the 35i does not fully disable both traction systems I was not able to use it very effectively, fastest time I ran was 13 flat with a 2.6 60' at 111.0. Got home and I finally figured a DIY way to launch the car. Kinda tricky and takes a lots of practice. If you press the traction once, and hold it to turn off DSC, then put the car in M1 mode by putting shifter to the left, I was able to fully press the accelerator till it hit the button at the bottom of the pedal, then the revs would increase without engaging the transmission, its a very small opportunity but if you tap the brake while pumping the accelerator about twice to hold it at about 3000 rpm for about 1 or 2 secs then launch. Was working pretty well at a empty lot I was practicing. Def going back to the strip aiming for low to mid 12s where the car should be.

Damn GTR

I have no DCT dragstrip experience, but I'd like to hear from you after trying the DCT launch control program per the owner's manual:
Launch Control is available when the engine is
at operating temperature, i.e., after driving continuously
for at least 6 miles/10 km.
1. With the engine running, depress the brake
pedal with your left foot.
2. Activate the SPORT+ program of the Dynamic
Driving Control, refer to page 78.
3. With the vehicle stationary, activate manual
mode and select first gear.
4. Press the accelerator all the way down. The
engine speed when driving off is controlled.
A flag symbol appears in the instrument
5. The vehicle accelerates when you release
the brake pedal. Keep the accelerator
pressed all the way down.
6. The transmission shifts up automatically as
long as the accelerator is pressed all the way
Launch Control only becomes available again
after a certain distance has been driven.

ALSO, I'd like to know if you're logging your JB4 at the track?
You may be pulling timing from not turning off DSC with a long push of the button, which conflicts with the use of launch control which requires Sport+. Traction control activity is interpretted as engine KNOCK by JB4 and the tuner pulls timing to protect the engine.
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