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Those wheels are awesome - could you offer a bit more info on them? What size are they? Did you need spacers or where they plug and play? Are they available in both 19 and 18" as well?

Btw, why would you fit all those M-sport parts? I can agree with adding a rear diffuser, but what is there not to like about the standard steering wheel for instance? I personally would also prefer the standard bumper, you just need to paint those gray intakes in a darker color. I do not understand why they made those gray even if the rest of the car is not. I actually ended up choosing the champagne color mainly because it matched the color of those gray intakes.

If you paint the standard bumper you also get to keep that nice lip which is not there on the M-sport one! It is of course a matter of taste, but it seems that everyone just swap with the m-sport bumper by default without giving the standard one any real chance. I would love to see someone do the diffuser plus painted standard bumper combination.

In any case, best of luck and please post more pics soon!
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