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Talking more videos...

Hi again

Below are new videos I made tonight. I also analyzed the performances based on the videos and the results are:

factory | 50-150kmh (7.5s)
ess stg2 | 50-150kmh (7.0s)
ess stg2 | 100-200kmh (12.5s)
ess stg2 | 20-100kmh (~4.5s) with wheelspin and DTC on...

The most notable difference was that in S1 there was wheelspin on all runs with stg2, and none with factory ECU on this road!

All videos were made without passager this time, and password is "BMW". Let me know what you think.

ESS Stage 2 From 20kmh (with wheelspin) :

high speed run

From 20kmh with open window

From 20kmh (no wheelspin)

high speed run
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