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Originally Posted by Gunzaro View Post
Asbjorn, your ESS tuned Z4 seems slow - seriously. Esp. compared to UBI's video. Although there is a big difference in ambient temps, for a TUNED Z4 it definitely should be faster. Should do a dyno test.

I remember I reset my adaptation values after the tune and it was faster, by using a Bavarian Technic tool.
Well, it does not feel slow, and I doubt I will be able to find a dyno here... If it is indeed not putting down the best numbers, it could be that my airfilter is full of dirt, because the air-polution is pretty significant over here and we also get dust storms and I never had it checked. Is it possible? Or it could be the poor fuel quality which varies from station to station in China. No matter, the differences between normal/stg1/stg2 are definetely there. I will try preparing some more videos and check back in with you...