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Talking Videos of ESS Stage 2 with DTC M and S-modes

I finally got a chance to shoot the videos today! But because we got a bit too enthusiastic playing with the camera in the morning, it ran out of battery before I was able to make videos of stage 1 and normal OEM performance. And since the expressway is far away from my home, I did not make another run after recharging. BTW I only found out about the dead camera battery after changing back to OEM settings, so now Im driving the car as it was from factory. It is actually the first time I switch directly from stage 2 to OEM and the difference is quite shocking!

Anyhow, it would only be fair to ESS to compare with OEM performance in another video, because conditions always vary. I dont believe the fuel here in China is of the same quality as in Europe for instance. No matter what, it's more than certain to me that the ESS stage 2 performance on my 35i is really there. Whether its more drivable, or if it offers better fuel economy or sound I'm not always 100% sure, but there is no doubt the extra performance is there.

I used a rather low video resolution to keep file sizes to a minimum, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

DTC M-mode, Sport+, Chinese 97 octane, with passenger on expressway:

Password: "BMW" (After opening the link, just type in the password, and press enter - My apologizes on behalf of youku for the lack of English language on the website)

DTC S-mode, otherwise same conditions:

Password: "BMW"

As you can see the S-mode changes gears earlier - and causes what seems to be wheelspin at around 100km/h

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