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I will try!
Normally it isn't safe or legal to do +150km/h here in China (unlike Germany), and below 100km/h finding traction may be an issue - but lets see what is possible this weekend!

PS the part about doing +250km/h runs to show the difference between the tunes was just me trying to be a little funny. Don't worry! ;-)
Little known facts about BMW: 1) The N54 is still in production and used in the current Z4 35i and 35is. 2) In a Z4 you can get sport+ steering combined with normal suspension etc by selecting DSC=off. (Update: DSC=off also offers sports steering in the M135i) 3) All Z4s with 19" wheels are still only offered with the worst performing OEM tires ever sold with a DCT equipped BMW (Potenza RE 050 RFT).