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Apparently not That big of a gain for the 35is. This is straight from COBB...

Re: Stage 1 & 2 Tunes for 2012 Z4 35is



Power gains are going to be pretty nice for the Z4 35is. Because of the shared motors and powertrain, power gains will be almost identical to the 335is. The 35is tuning is fairly aggressive from the factory, but our Sport and Aggressive Stage 1 maps will add about 20 HP and 20 lb/ft of torque all across the power band. Then, as you modify your car, you can use our Stage 1+, Stage 2, or Stage 2+ maps as free downloads from our website for more power. Map switches take only a few minutes and you can log all kinds of ECU data using only the AccessPORT. If you have any other questions, let me know!


Originally Posted by wdlfbio

We ordered a new Z4 35is and doing a Euro Delivery again. It's replacing the wife's '08 M3. So, it needs to run around town as well as the M does and I want to tap out the speedometer while I have the chance in Germany/Italy

I'm lookng at various flash tunes for this motor/tranny combo (DCT). The 35is has upgraded water/oil coolers, but not an aftermarket FMIC. I'm wondering what the HP/TQ increases and curves look like for your Accessport. So far, I like what ESS has, but I like the added features COBB offers.

Here's my email if you can send me any dynos for a stock 35is.



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