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My New Z4 - 35is thought and comments

Iím just getting to know my new Z4 - I say new, but in reality itís new ďto meĒ.

After four months of looking for the right car I finally purchased myself a Z4 in early January, since then the weather has been typical in the UK and Iíve only driven it a couple of times so only covered 100 miles or so at the most.
I just wanted to share my photos and my first thoughts about the car.

I have owned many many BMWs and other decent quality cars over the years, Iím still amazed at how things progress as you change generations from one model to the next. I owned a previous model Z4, a 3.0 sport. to be honest I only kept it for a couple of months as I really didnít get on with it at all.
I sold my 650 cab in late September with a view to tracking down a three-year-old M3 cab through the winter months.
I chose the new Z4 as just couldnít find an M3 cab that fitted the bill perfectly, this is therefore came up and to be honest was such a bargain I couldnít really resist. Besides my seven-year-oldís favourite car is a Z4 - so the choice was partly driven by him.

Driving Impressions:
I havenít done many miles, the weatherís been pretty bad but so far Iíve got to say Iím extremely impressed. The car has a lovely feel, The gearbox is so much better than the old SMGís but Iíve had in a couple of M3s.
I would like to have a bit more control over the speed of the gearchange, itís a shame it linked into the comfort/sport button, it wouldíve been nice to have had the control over the gearbox taken straight out of the M3.
The car is very rapid, it could easily be an everyday pocket rocket ( although for me itís a sunny day machine).
I havenít yet had chance to drive her properly with the roof down, my only complaint at the moment is that with the roof up the exhaust note is rather dulled, on the short trip Iíve had with the roof down the whole car feels so much different, clearly the exhaust can be heard when the roof is down and that to me makes all the difference when driving the car.

Iím sorry but I canít compare it to any of the other Z4ís and the only one I drove previous to this was a relatively basic launch car, and that was two years ago now.

Itís been many years since I have a white car, as an early teenager in the early nineties I had a stream of white cars, but White seems to have come back into fashion.
I was particularly looking for either a white or black car, but with either colour choice I wanted the red leather. My preference this time was very white exterior on the basis that my last six series was black and although it looked fantastic it tended to show swirl marks in the paintwork unless she spent a long time polishing it.
This car also has extended leather, thankfully BMW have resisted the temptation to pull the coloured leather above the centre line of the dashboard, so the lower part is trimmed in red, the upper in black leather both with stitching detail clearly shown.

Iím very impressed with all of the toys the car has, in particular the Bluetooth integration of audio and the control of the iPod.
The heated steering wheel is a nice touch, but not really that necessary.
The seats are comfortable and figure hugging, very much like every other BMW sport seat.
The ride is surprisingly comfortable, however the 19 inch tyres do produce quite a bit of road noise.

Modifications so far:
I have changed the lights to Angel eyes - I was surprised how easy this was to do, it literally took two or 3 min per headlight and fantastic results.

I have also fitted an aftermarket amplifier - the only extra missing from this car was a speaker upgrade - see my separate posting for full details.

Future modifications:
I have a pair of tweeters on order to fit within the recess within the tops of the doors, hopefully this should bring some of the sound out of the foot well and further up towards the driver.
Iím considering fitting a smart top system, however the car already has the comfort access but you canít drop the roof whilst driving and to me this is a vital especially given that the car takes quite a while from fully open to fully closed ( and vice versa), I donít think you would have enough time at a set of traffic lights to put the roof up or down.
Also thinking of a software update to provide the BMW Iphone apps, the car has Idrive connect so I have some integration but the iPhone isnít really fully compatible at the moment and it wonít put my calendars or my e-mails onto the screen. This isnít so vital as really this is more of a plaything than a workhorse, however it would be nice to have all the toys.

Without doubt itís a great car, I reserve for judgement until the sun starts to shine and I get chance to flash it across the country lanes, at that point I suspect it will be mighty impressive.
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