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Originally Posted by Constant.S View Post
Today i went with a buddy and his 35is DCT on a meeting on a test strip that we meet up every now and then and "play" and since my 35i is "under development" my friend asked me to drive his on some runs with an Audi TTS, among other cars, since im more experienced. Now my car is a DCT too so im familiar with the gear changing but this time i used both manual gear changing and also did some launches letting the ECU in sport+ and S mode do the changes and noticed that the transmission on automatic actually changes gear a little over the beneficial RPM range, around 7000(I manually change around 5900-6300 for optimal performance).
So my question to the "technically inclined" is: Is there a way to reprogram the Transmissions ECU for optimal gear changing? Cause that would make a DCT car a real Killer on the strip or anywhere else utilizing launch control and just... Stepping on it. Maybe ESS, with their experience on the M3's DCT tuning, can chime in?
We have tuned the DCT in the M3 which is similar but have yet to play with the Z4.