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While I love a manual I think the manual is antiquated.

Ferrari would not have abandoned manual transmissions in the 458 and F1 drivers would be using them in their cars. The DCT allows you to keep your hands on the wheel, where they belong.
It's a matter of personal preference of course. However, I don't think your example holds any water. Ferraris are meant to be raced and there is a definite racing advantage to an automatic/DCT. F1 Style racing as adopted the paddle shifting style for pure speed and a speed as well as safety advantage. It's faster, and, as you say, allow you to keep your hands on the wheel.

I would go out on a limb and say that most Z4 owners (even on an enthusiast forum like this) never track their cars. In fact, the same goes for most Ferrari owners. Everyone orders what ever car/transmission they desire....but to say an manual is antiquated is kind of out-there for me. I like the DCT but would never order it....I would equate the DCT to a fast roller coaster. It's fast as hell but there's no control.... DCT means you are riding, not driving. Still a cool/fast car, but certainly doesn't appeal to a lot of weekend on-ramp racers!

Whatever you chose, enjoy your Z4....awesome car either way. May be my next car!!
I always thought that F1 cars didn't have clutches but they actually do. I was recently in Singapore at the F1 race and got to visit some of the garages. One of the teams let me hold the steering wheel and explained that there are actually 3 paddles on the right side of the wheel, including a clutch, which must be engaged in order to shift.