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Nevermind got everything fixed and installed thanks to Asbjorn@ESS helping me out at this time of the day. Sent them my stock map and got reply back in less than an hour. Truly amazing service.

OK, on to the review and first impressions. A little background info on me. I just got this car used with 12000kms about 2 weeks ago and was already very impressed with the power (my last bmw was a 98 MZ3). So now that I have put about 800kms on it, I decided it needed a tad more power without having to annoy my neighbors so i went with a ESS Direct Flash.

Being a smartass I went straight for the stage 2 map and took it for a rip. At first it didnt load and recovered back to stock so when i took it out for a spin, i was quite unimpressed. I kept thinking, this feels like stock or maybe even slower lol. So i went back to my house, reloaded again and DAMNNNNNNNN. Almost ripped my face off. The stock to stage 2 difference is really night and day. The mid range power, the tq, the grunt and scream. Its like someone took a condom off this car. I seriously dont know what to do with all this power in Hong Kong. Aside from the fear of killing myself, I dont think I will still have a driver's license in a year. This car begs you to step on it. This has totally transformed the car to something else. For now, I will set it back to stage 1 and ride that for a while, knowing I can increase my happiness levels easily by switching back to stage 2. AWESOME STUFF guys, truly unblieveably what one grand can do to this engine.