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It's really no different than it has been for many years. When you have someone reflash the ECU on your vehicle you canít resell the software when you get rid of the car. There is really no value in reselling a Directflash unit as the person buying it would still need to buy the software which is the majority of the cost. Also warranty and support is only valid for the original owner of the software. I doubt many vendor would offer lifetime support for a product that is being passed around from one customer to the next. If a Directflash customer buys a new vehicle they can send in their old unit in exchange for credit towards a new version. We did not design our hardware functions and abilities around the resell and second hand market, we designed it to be ideal for the original owner and to provide a level of security for our hard work.

Directflash is unique in that it allows you to read and send your stock software to us which is critical to ensure every vehicle gets tuned properly. Other systems simply are map switchers, signal manipulators or flash loaders so you cannot really compare them to each other as they work very differently except for the fact that they are all DIY devices. From what I have seen no other software option for the N54 has the same level of all around performance as ours offers. This should really be what you focus on and not how much you can resell the device for when you are done with it in my opinion.