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Originally Posted by dtn View Post
Hey Roman, so what's the answer to the question? How is HP and TQ altered by pumping 91. You said that you mapped Stage 2 to run safely on 91 but the fuel requirement used to be published at 93, is this an altered map to the old Stage 2 map or did you just realize that it is safe to run 91 on it? Otherwise, if I already have Stage 2 on my DirectFlash, do I need the 'new' Stage 2 map to run 91 on it, or is my existing map fine?

Also, how is fuel efficiency affected by the remaps? What is MPG for the respective maps? This is also information I hoped would be published.
Stage 2 has always been safe to run on 91 it just makes less power than on 93. We have updated the website to include 91 as an option for stage 2. 93 octane will add about 10-15 whp on both stage 1 and stage 2 when used. MPG will vary depending on driving style but under normal conditions tuned and stock should be very similar.

Due to the cost of the Directflash hardware there will not be any GB or discounts anytime soon.