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Originally Posted by wallstreet View Post
Amazing that new I-4 28i's base is $48,650 whereas current I-6 30i is $47,450. So, it cost more to own a 4 banger. errrr....
a 4 banger that is quicker and more efficient...

Originally Posted by burrito007 View Post
Amazing that a BASE Z4 now in 2012 costs what a Z4M cost in 2006 (counting discounts at the time).

Well you have to take into account about 4% inflation per year, plus the loss of US dollar vs the Euro.

Originally Posted by STIHLBOLTS View Post
OK, let me get this straight. Keeping the hard top, getting rid of the in line 6 that has proven itself over and over for a measly 4 cylinder and a dual mouse fly wheel? BMW is going backwards on this car.

1. Get rid of the hard top crap, its a rag top car.
2. Put one awesome motor in it not two.
3. Fix the rear end, it's too fat.
4. Make a M Model
5. Call me when all the above happens.

Happy Motoring.
Sorry I can't agree with you

I will never ever buy another rag top, that's yesterday's technology.

I'm frustrated the new S5 is a rag top, the new 6 is a rag top, the new E vert is a rag top...really aggravates me

I wanted to get a E vert instead of another Z4 (I like to change things up, I love the new Z4 but I like having different cars, hence why I lease), but it's a damn rag top so it's useless.

I do have to agree that having a M model would be great

But you have to have 2 motors in a model line up. One that's fast, one that's not as fast :P