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Originally Posted by 48redlands View Post
as i said i am not dissaponted, i am only doing what you turbo guys are, so if you are not impressed with the turbo, why is every one boosting to make it go faster?, in your words, why not just by a porsche 911.

My only point was the lack of up-grades thats all, every person i would think would look at ways to make it any car better.
I, as a "turbo guy", am driving my car and enjoying it rather than sinking time and money into "performance upgrades" that do nothing to increase my driving enjoyment.

Is "every one" actually "boosting"? I have seen very little evidence of this. Who's "not impressed"? I certainly am impressed.

Why not a Porsche? I hate 'em. Why not an Aston? The nearest dealer is in the middle of the next state. Same goes for Ferrari and Lamborghini. Besides, the roads around here would kill those Italian cars. I grew up driving Benzes but they never did much for me. BMW has only 2 dealers in my state, the nearest of which is about 30 miles from me, but my last Z4 didn't spend much time in the shop. My Z4 is my only car. Given my work, I need reliable, no-excuses transportation. I'm also a long-time "BMW guy", so the choice seems obvious to me.

My car has no need for "up-grades." It's fine as it is. BMW pays good money to really smart engineers who, in my opinion, are better than almost anyone at making the cars the way they should be. Messing with that is not at all certain to make things better.

I no longer compete on the track. My car has more than enough power to kill me quickly and more than enough handling to keep me alive unless I'm an idiot.
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