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Originally Posted by mstevens View Post
I make no such assumption and you have no reason to believe I do.

It's more that it's very easy to know exactly what you're getting into before you buy a car. You can test drive it, read reviews, etc. You should know before you buy whether you're likely to be pleased or disappointed with the power. If you know you're going to be disappointed, why buy it?

Similarly, it's every bit as easy to research "upgrade" options before you buy a car as it is afterward. There is no reason to find yourself surprised after the fact.
as i said i am not dissaponted, i am only doing what you turbo guys are, so if you are not impressed with the turbo, why is every one boosting to make it go faster?, in your words, why not just by a porsche 911.

My only point was the lack of up-grades thats all, every person i would think would look at ways to make it any car better.